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Four Angels' Message

Preparing for the End of Time



These are some of the sources of information I have found helpful. Many other web sites are mentioned throughout my web site. This means I have found them informative and helpful. It does not mean I agree with everything they say. Every teaching must be compared to scripture. Every individual must study to determine truth for themselves.

Four Angels' Message
Spreading the good news that we are the last generation and that the Saviour is coming very soon!

The Great Controversy

General Resources

e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge
Downloadable, free, offline Bible resources including Strong's Concise Hebrew Dictionary, Strong's Concise Greek Dictionary, and lots of other reference information.

Hebrew/Greek Bible
Blue Letter Bible contains cross references to Strong's Concordance which assists the study of the original Hebrew and Greek word meanings.

King James Version Bible
The Bible Gateway provides access to many translations of the Bible.

Online Hebrew Interlinear Bible

This is an excellent Hebrew resource, which I use heavily. They also provide a Greek resource, which I have not studied as much. It includes an interlinear transliteration and literal translation. While it shows the Hebrew with vowel points, it uses a transliteration with vowels similar to the IAUA transliteration. They deny it is phonetic but I believe it is very close. Unfortunately, they switch the E and A transliteration letters.

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