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In this chapter, I will outline a brief history of eternity highlighting the primary points and issues the Bible describes. While the Bible is most clear and detailed about the history of the Great Controversy here on earth, there are glimpses into actions behind the scenes. The prophetic ministry of Ellen White also reveals a deeper understanding of important details.

I do not claim any revelation from God beyond the enlightenment provided in the Bible to all who will study deeply.

15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15

Our study and understanding will be guided by the Holy Spirit.

13 When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth... He will show you things to come.
John 16:13 (FTCABE)

This chapter is a summary of a great deal of information presented in my books from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Every detail is based on the Bible though I may not highlight the direct link to the Bible. Study for yourself with the intent to prove or disprove what is said. My focus is specifically on God's appointed times of worship, which are at the center of the controversy.

Eternity Past

The Godhead counseled together with the plan to create universes of beings to participate with them in happiness and joy. These beings would be given the ability to freely choose whether they would be loyal to the Godhead and each other by practicing a life of selflessness. This is the only way they could share completely in the joy and happiness of the Godhead.

The Godhead knew this freedom of choice would result in one who would turn to selfishness and focus inwardly on himself rather than outwardly on others. This one would direct others to focus on him and his ideas rather than on the Godhead. They saw that the rebellion of one would be spread to others and all would need to be shown the error of the evil way. Rejecting the source of life would mean death. The plan was immediately expanded to include the solution to this problem.

The Godhead demonstrates their true love by a completely selfless sacrifice for others. Because only the Godhead could see all truth and know the hearts of all, they devised several ways to demonstrate to all the truth of their plan in a way that everyone who embraced truth would know and none but the rebellious could question. These would become the centerpiece of a broad plan to resolve the rebellion and maintain the freedom of choice.

The Godhead created markers in time for major events of the rebellion and its solution. These markers would be in place from the beginning, before the problem occurred, and last throughout eternity as memorials to the truth. The observance of these days of appointed time from the beginning would demonstrate a pattern everyone would see and know the truth when the events of the rebellion would occur.

Patterns of truth within deeper and increasingly complex patterns and relationships were created which would fascinate and entrance the minds of all intelligences. There would be a level of complexity which all could recognize could only come from the absolute knowledge and power of the Godhead. The full meaning of all the patterns would be known only to the Godhead until the time when events would unfold and the Godhead would reveal the depth of meaning.

The patterns of time were defined and set. Days were defined and grouped into weeks. Months were defined and grouped into years. Signals and counters were defined and grouped into layers of repeating patterns which all could observe and see unfolding throughout the defined limit of the rebellion and its final conclusion. All who were selfless and loyal to truth would be forever convinced and would rejoice. All who were selfish and rebellious would see the truth but reject and deny the Godhead, resulting in their own destruction.

Heaven Past

Angel messengers were created to serve in the courts of God's domain to facilitate the communication and administration of the entire universe created by the Godhead. Assembly periods were defined when all created beings would join together in the celebration of God and all He provided them. A most glorious angel was created and designated as the leader of all the angels in the courts of heaven. He was called Lucifer and would lead the angels in their chorus of praise to their creator.

As God had foreseen, a great mystery happened. Lucifer became proud of his exalted position and began to covet all the glory, which was directed to God. He wanted to be exalted above his own creator. God knew the sin, which festered in the heart of Lucifer. He sought to guide him and warn him of the danger of his course of action. Lucifer believed himself more worthy than God and fell victim to his own intelligence granted him by God.

Believing his thoughts hidden from God, Lucifer began to make subtle accusations against God. He sought to change the minds of the other angels and divert their loyalty from God to Lucifer as he flattered them with the very freedom God had given them. The worship intended for God was diverted to Lucifer and the appointed times for worship to God were despised by Lucifer.

God knew it would take thousands of years of heartache and pain caused by Lucifer and his course of sin for the results of sin to become so clear that none who would choose to be loyal would ever be fooled again. Many would be lost to their God but all the rest would be safe forever.

Earth Past

When the earth was created, a test of loyalty to God was set up just outside the Garden of Eden. With lies and seduction Satan caused the human pair to fail the test of loyalty. Satan began a campaign to destroy faith in God and lead mankind to worship him by perverting God's design to selfish intentions.

He lured the children of Adam to forsake God's appointed times and the worship of God. They began to worship self and selfish interests without realizing they were following the evil course of Lucifer who became Satan, the accuser of God and man. Thus Satan became their focus of worship and they became pawns in his battle against God.

Earth Present

After six thousand years of the pain and heartache of sin, the human race has become so degraded the light of truth can barely be seen. The lies and corruptions of God's plan and God's appointed times have become so deeply ingrained that very few can discern the truth. The many layers of apostasy are so deeply woven that very few can see the truth. Many times those who would see one part of the truth would be trapped in error with other parts of the truth.

God has always preserved a few who follow His will though they were often confused and erring. God has promised the time will come when all truth would be restored. He has promised a final great prophet who would lead the believers to all truth guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. Satan has attempted to hide and destroy God's truth with lies and deceit but God has kept the truth available to those who would seek it with all their heart and soul.

Earth Future

Soon the last acts of the rebellion will be concluded. Those who remain loyal to God will be lined up on one side and the greater number who reject God on the other. The great prophet and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will lay the issues bare and all will make their final choices. Then the end of the reign of sin will come.

Heaven Future

During the thousand years of rest for the weary earth, the righteous will live in heaven with their God. The final marker of the many patterns of God will be complete. The entire universe will watch as the terrible record of six thousand years of sin is reviewed and all see the truth of what really happened without the lies and distortions of Satan.

The earth and the universe are cleansed of the blight of rebellion and sin. All who agree on God's love will agree on His justice.

New Earth

In the restored new Earth, with all of the righteous of Adam's race, God's original plan will be restored. Worship to God alone will occur on all His appointed times in a new appointed place at the very site of victory over the rebellion.

Eternity Future

Throughout the endless ages of eternity, all of God's universes will study the lessons learned from the destruction of the rebellion. All will continue the worship of the Godhead at the weekly, yearly, and other times defined from the beginning. All will experience peace, which will never be threatened again. Been there, done that, won't get fooled again.

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